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HUSTIL was founded in 2000 year

22 years of professional manufacturers

Independent production (cylinder)(trimmer head)(gear head)(starter) core accessories, and passed iso9001 and other certificates.

Complete parts supply chain system

Besides self-supporting parts production, after more than 10 years of strict screening, now has more than 300 mature supply factories to coordinate production.

Quick Service

Quick selection and quotation.Quick delivery of best sale accessories: quick response delivery within 3 days

High applicability of spare parts

HUSTIL garden tools and accessories, to meet the original brand quality standard and ensure applicability

Small MOQ

HUSTL offers a minimum order quantity that takes into account the needs of each customer

Big brand supplier partner



Customizing products and packaging according to customers needs. Make the design and open mold: have independent designer team of opening the molds. Packaging equipment: diversified packaging equipment


CE, GS, EUII, ETL, ISO, TUV, SGS certifcates Alibaba Trade Insurance

HUSTIL will provide free samples and shipping charges to you for testing with the product.

For parts orders over $50,000, we will give you gifts or special offers or special services.

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HUSTIL was founded in 2000 year

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Garden tools spare parts replacement center

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HUSTIL was founded in 2000 year

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  • Hustil: China Supplier for Chainsaw Spare Parts
    Hustil: China Supplier for Chainsaw Spare Parts
    As a Chainsaw Parts supplier, we can supply chainsaw users with high quality spare parts. Here are some suggestions to help you better manage your business and meet your customers' needs:

    Product Quality: It is of the utmost importance that Hustil supplies a quality Chainsaw Parts. Make sure your spare parts comply with relevant international and domestic quality standards to ensure customers receive reliable and durable products.

    Variety: There is a huge variety of chainsaw spare parts, including chains, guide bars, spark plugs, filters, and more. Provide a variety of spare parts types and specifications to meet the needs of different customers.

    On-Time Delivery: In the supply chain, on-time delivery is very important to maintain customer relationship and meet their urgent needs.

    Customer Support: Provide good customer support, answer customers' questions, provide technical advice, and help them choose the right spare parts.

    Price competitiveness: On the premise of maintaining product quality, provide competitive prices to attract more customers.

    After-sales service: Provide after-sales service, such as product warranty, return policy, etc., to enhance customer confidence.

    Customized Options: Consider offering customized spare parts to meet the special needs of some customers.

    Updates and innovations: Keep an eye on market trends and technological innovations to ensure your spare parts keep pace with industry developments.
  • Does Garden Tool Accessories offer wholesale and discounted prices?
    Does Garden Tool Accessories offer wholesale and discounted prices?
    Yes, we offer wholesale prices and preferential policies for garden tool accessories, and the specific discounts and prices depend on the purchase quantity and partnership. Please contact our sales team for more information.
  • For which brands of garden tool accessories does Hustil replace parts?
    For which brands of garden tool accessories does Hustil replace parts?
    For ST Replacement
    For Huqvarna Replacement
    For Robin Replacement
    For Makita Replacement
    For Oleo-Mac Replacement
    For Efco Replacement
    For Shindaiwa Replacement
    For Kawasaki Replacement
    For Mitsubishi or Chinese Replacement
    For 4 Stroke Replacement
  • What if you can't find the garden tools accessories you need?
    What if you can't find the garden tools accessories you need?
    If you can't find the garden tools accessories you need in our catalog, you can contact with our sales team. We will do our best to help you find a suitable replacement.
  • Hustil Garden Tools Spare Parts delivery time:
    Delivery Time
    The delivery time of Hustil Spare Parts you are concerned about is generally about 30-40 days after receiving the advance payment
  • For Chainsaw Saw Chains wholesale, here are some things might consider :
    For Chainsaw Saw Chains wholesale, here are some things a wholesaler might consider when purchasing a batch of chainsaw saw chains:

    Product Quality and Reliability: When Husitil Chainsaw Saw Chains wholesale we make sure that you are purchasing saw chains that are high quality, durable and reliable while matching replacements from all major brands.

    Specifications and Compatibility: When Chainsaw Saw Chains wholesale you need to study the specifications of your saw chains carefully to make sure they are compatible with different makes and models of chainsaws. We offer saw chain sizes to suit a wide range of market needs.

    Price and Cost: Chainsaw Saw Chains wholesale needs to focus on cost-effectiveness, we are the supplier who can offer competitive prices so that you can get better discounts and offers.

    Availability and Availability: Chainsaw Saw Chains wholesale You may consider whether the supplier will be able to meet your bulk purchase needs and deliver the required quantities in a timely manner. We are your stable supplier.

    Repair and Warranty Support:

    Special requirements: According to Chainsaw Saw Chains wholesale needs, you may be looking for saw chains with special designs, characteristics or cutting applications, we provide special customization.

    When Husitil provides Chainsaw Saw Chains wholesale, it will comprehensively consider multiple factors such as product quality, price, specification compatibility, supply, maintenance support, etc., to ensure that it can provide you with high-quality products and satisfactory services.
  • How Long Is Warranty ?

    Warranty is 12 months .

  • Brush Cutter Trimmer Heads Preferences?
    Note that these Brush Cutter Trimmer Heads specifications may vary by make and model. Before purchasing a cluster trimmer, it's a good idea to consult the manufacturer's information and product spec sheets for details on your particular model.
    Blade Diameter: Blade diameter is usually measured in inches, common sizes include 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, etc. The blade diameter determines the range of a cut.

    Cutting Depth: Cutting Depth is the maximum depth the bush trimming head can cut into the vegetation. Different models of cluster trimming heads may have different cutting depths.

    Number of Blades: The number of blades refers to the number of blades on the trimming head. An increase in the number of blades may increase cutting efficiency, but may also require more power.

    Line Diameter (Line Diameter): For the line wheel driven knife cluster trimming head, the line diameter is a key parameter. Thicker lines are generally good for coarse weeds and shrubs, while thinner lines are good for fine pruning.

    Weight: The weight of the trimming head will affect the comfort and fatigue of operation. A lighter head may be easier to handle, but a heavier head may be better for denser weeds.
    Rotation Angle: Some knife cluster trimmers have an adjustable rotation angle, allowing the user to cut at different angles. This is very useful for dealing with different types of plants and terrain.

    Safety Features: Some knife cluster trimmers may have safety features such as guards, bounce protection, etc. to improve the safety of the operation.

    Drive Mechanism: The knife cluster trimming head can be operated by different drive methods, such as traditional internal gear drive or wire wheel drive. The driving method will affect the cutting efficiency and convenience.

    Auto-Feed: The Auto-Feed feature allows the trimming head to automatically replace the tangent thread with a new one when it wears out, saving the user time and effort.

    Compatibility: Make sure the clump trimmer selected is compatible with your clump trimmer make and model to ensure proper installation and operation.

    Maintenance Requirements: Different knife cluster trimmers may have different maintenance requirements, such as regular replacement of blades or wire wheels, lubrication of key components, etc.

    Vibration Reduction: Some cutter heads are designed with vibration reduction for a more comfortable operating experience.
  • Where Is Your Factory Located?

    Our factory is located in NO. 8, Wei Liu West Road,TongQin Hardware Industrial Zone, WuYi city,ZheJiang,China , about 4 hours driving from Shanghai.


Hustil was founded in 2000year, we are Your Garden Accessories Replacement Center , we provide our Clients with a full range of accessories search queries, garden tools fitting replacement and after-sales service.

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